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Mother Nature

Creator of All That Is thank you for our amazing world. Please send healing to Mother Nature so she can rejuvenate from all the things us as humans have done. Let us all be inspired to make a change so that we can live and work with our planet and not against it.
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Send love to mother earth and the volcano. Send love to all those who have lost their home that everything can be taken of easily and gracefully. Send love and strength.
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Dawn | Arizona, united states

Send love and healing you Dawn Klaver undergoing treatment for stomach cancer. Thank you🙏🙌
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Send healing that my sugars balance and I have more energy to do what I love.
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Alena | Moscow

Please ask God to recover my uncle, his name is Igor (Игорь) from prostate cancer. Igor is agree.
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Please send healing to a little boy named Kye that recently had surgery on his fingers and hand to restore them. Send healing for full recovery and motion of hand.
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South Carolina

Creator send healing to my anxiety. Allow me to stay connected and focused on my path.
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Please send love and healing to my sons sprain. He loves playing sports. Let him have a fast recovery so he can get back to his passion of sports
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Send healing to my little boy, his eyes are doing better then expected, but still have healing to be able to see.
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Anna | Australia

prayer for Maria Concetta Fata, Joe Fata and Domenico Fata
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