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Please send healing to my little boy that spot his lip open.
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Smriti | Dubai

Prayer for me to heal and recover fully from cancer (hodgkins lymphoma), to receive the treatment, with ease and grace, in my highest best and for me to be cancer free for the rest of my life. Thank you.
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Send healing to my friend she is stepping into a new career. Let it all work out for her. Bless her with love and abundance.
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Healing to the Word

Send healing to the children of the world. They have a lot on their shoulders as they help prepare to awaken and change our future. Give them inspiration and hope to make our planet great again.
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Great Hanshin Earthquake | JAPAN

Dear Theta Healers It's been24years since the Great Hanshin Earthquake happened. I want to heal the earthquake center. Please send me love and light above my head at 5:46 a.m. on January 17th(Japan time). I will send you love and light. Thank you for the prayers from all over the world. 親愛なるシータヒーラーの皆様へ 明日1月17日で阪神・淡路大震災から24年を迎えます 明日の午前5時46分に震源地であった北緯34度36分、東経135度02分の地点から淡路・神戸など関西一円にヒーリングを行いたいと思いますので、私の頭上に愛と光を送っていただけますでしょうか 今までも日本から世界中から皆様の祈りを届けてくださったこと、今現在この土地の上で生活できていることに対する感謝も込めて私から皆様へも愛と光を送らせていただきます どうぞよろしくお願いいたします
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| Isreal

Please send healing to this little 9 year old boy, who was diagnosed with DC / dyskeratosis Congenita. His name is Sunny and he is a doing well considering, but continued healing and love would be appreciated.
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Please send healing to our government in the USA. Allow the government shutdown to stop and the best negotiation for the country come together with grace and ease for the highest and best. Let the families be okay that were affected by this and our country come together.
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The New Year is coming. Please send love to 2019 that it may be a year of love, kindness, joy, hope. Let the world come together to make great changes that ensure our futures.
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Ana Celia | Brasil

cura do meu marido emerson de barros pinheiro
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Send love to everyone in Cali who were affected by the fires. Let Cali come together to rebuild, but also be there and support the communities.
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