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Pray for those who were involved and injured in the recent bombing around the world. Pray that the world can be inspired by love and not hate and power.
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VIVIANA | Zacatecas

Les me manden amor incondicional a todas mis células a mis órganos a mi cerebro ya que pretendo hacer un ayuno mínimo de 4 días a partir de hoy con la finalidad de tener mejor salud, para poder aguantar en armonía para mi mas alto bien, les agradezco.
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Karen | Iowa City, IA, USA

Please join my in anchoring Creator’s Unconditional Love from the 7th plane, through all of the planes and deep into the Earth. Creator has been directing me to do this everywhere I go. If you join me we can anchor love all over the planet!
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Yurii | Ukraine

Friends, a huge blessing for your sincere response, contribution and understanding of the situation !!!!! Today, iev / Moscow - Prayer For Peace in the whole world!
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Christian | Guadalajara Mexico

My father has been readmitted to the hospital after the antibiotics he was given have not had any effect causing his urinary tract infection to return.
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Crystal | Waialua, Hi

My boyfriend and I just moved. We have an outdoor cat that we brought with us who is missing. Please pray for her safe return with ease, grace, joy, in the gentlest, most humane way possible. Thank you!!
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Lili | Serbia

Dear Vianna, Please pray for me my current life is totally blocked in all areas relationships, job and improvement, money, friends, love, healing, everything. I don’t know what is blocking or holding me back I have started practicing Theta meditation . Hope you can help me. Thank you and gratitude for the opportunity
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Lili | Macedonia

Please, could you send me a lot of unconditional love and healed my mind. Thank you kindly with love and gratitude.
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Viki Lili | Slovenia

Would you please, send me unconditional love. Thank you.
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Anna | Bulgaria

Please, pray form me and send me a lot of love. Thank you very much.
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