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| Europe

Please pray that Europe open all its borders and other countries can start to travel safely.
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Harry | Idaho

Send love to my body that is it strong and healthy.
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Lyn | USA

Please pray for the world and the Covid Virus to resolve itself
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Mother Earth

Please pray for the women in Mexico that were murdered due to domestic violence. Pray for them and their family.
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Becky | UAE

Pray for my friend who is in a coma. Let me them wake.
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| Turkey

Please pray for all the people in Turkey. That is opens and are able to travel and that their economy stays strong.
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Mother Earth | All around the World

Please pray for mother nature and the earth. That she can heal and we can come together to support her and our planet in the highest and best way.
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| Brazil

Please pray for Brazil that they may find kindness and joy as healers and not attack.
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| Russia

Please pray for Russia that is opens and everyone is safe.
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Seanah | Australia

Send healing to my body. My neck and to be able to walk again.
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