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Loretta | USA

Prayers please! 💗🙏💗 Post from Tina Payne in Lincoln, Montana today: I am so sorry everyone! Mike and I are fine. Our hearts are extremely heavy and we need prayers...so many prayers! We sadly have a family member fighting this awful disease as well as our very dear friend. We are sad, we are angry and we feel so helpless not being able to be there to hold them. Not being allowed to touch or hold their hand. Please pray they stay strong and positive and know they are so very loved.. Please! 🙏🏻 Thank you!
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Priyadarshini | United Kingdom

Please send unconditional love to the following people. Thank you to everyone. 💗💗💗 Stephen Clark for cancer on the right ear lobe Audrey Clark for cataract in both eyes For an unrelated household with the same surname: Jon Clark Sunayana Clark Norma Clark Brian Clark Charlie Clark Heidi and Vernon (both cats) Zac the dog For Modhusree Dey-Ghatak Samar Dey-Ghatak Me Our businesses and house sale. Harvey and his mum
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Anna | Bulgaria

Dear all Theta Healers and God, I want to know what it feels like to love, I want to feel love, and what it feels like to connect with God and what it feels like to be in union with God, and I want to feel the unconditional love of God. Please teach me and now I can feel it. No one in my family knows that. Thank you for that. You have whatever it takes, so that I can now know how to love and feel love, loving. Thank you very much.
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Brandy | Montana

Send love to my niece that was just born. That she is healthy, strong and blessed.
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Brandy | Saudia Arabia

Please heal my friend who has lung issues,
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Elena | Canada

I have very strong pain after oral surgery. Thank you for your help.
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Christine | USA

Clearing and Healing/change to Perfect Health in highest and best way without harm that holds for son Bryan S. for current off balances. Healing for family harmony in highest and best way with out harm that holds. Assistance for fully successful hip surgery for Bryan S as soon as is optimally possible. Or better - you know what is in my heart.
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Natalili | Austria

Dear Theta Healers and God, please help me to let go of all the entities from my head, brain, spine, neck and pain. And to live without them and without all the reasons and feelings for which I accepted them as a part of myself. You have everything you need from me, to free me from all that and all the pain. Please heal me and my life, to live without them and all the reasons why I accepted them as a part of me. That I felt quick and easy changes. Thank you very much. With love.
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Julia | Austria

Hi Dear, Please send much unconditional love to my computer. Thank you very much.
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Please pray for all the people that we find calm, peace, love and gratitude during all the chaos of the world.
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