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Christopher | USA

Love to the world, the animals, the people
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Liubov | USA

Хочу помочь людям и Земле
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Vicci | New Caney TX

Prayers for all our hospitals healers nurses doctors health care workers. Prayers for all my family and friends especially my husband he is starting to have memory problems. Thank you sending love and prayers for all 🙏❤️🙏
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Vanessa | Italy

Please send love to all of us in Italy. and around the world that this will heal quickly.
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Susan | New York, USA

Pray for NY we have the most cases. Please send love and healing to all our medical and those who continue to work to keep the city going.
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World Healing | World

Please pray for the world. Pray that this moment allows us to unite and live in a world of love and not hate. That we learn to support and be their for each other and continue that moving forward. Send love to Mother Earth. That she is able to heal and we are able to connect with her. To all the animals that they are safe and protected.
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Linda | USA

Please pray that she find her path and her business starts to grow. That she finds inspiration, love and abundance.
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Lyn | Montana

Please send love to Montana and any where else that is about to go into a more strict lockdown. Bless that the people can come together and do this and that the government really helps people all around the world financially right now to be okay and not stress. Send love to all that they find peace and calmness.
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Family | Australia

Please pray for my friend that her brain reconnects allowing her to walk again.
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Lili | Serbia

Please send me a lot of unconditional love. Thank you.
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