Money to Money to children’s autism treatment center

I sent a payment of 88 dollars to “Sunny world” – children’s autism treatment center in Moscow. Thank you.

Good deed

Gave hot meal and fruit to a woman by side of road. She was in a wheel chair. Begging for
Money. I help often.

Sleeping bags

Bought a homeless man a sleeping bag to keep warm. Then decided to always keep one or two in the trunk to keep giving out…we are so blessed

Donating and Helping a Friend

A friend of mine was packing to move to Cali and the movers forgot an entire kitchen cabinet of nonperishables. My friend being exhausted and with no time to donate them, I retrieved them from her and brought her dinner (last meal in her apartment). I dropped off the items at a local women’s shelter the next day along with a bag I had of extra cleaning supplies I’ve been trying to get rid of. They were very grateful.

Money to stranger

I provided a $5 bill to a young person in the library. I provided a dollar here, two dollars here, to persons distressed and in need.

Beverages to a friend

I provided coffee, and soft drinks to a person on a limited income these food items to bless him.


I bought the lady from the bakery a bouquet of beautiful flowers. She was surprised and happy!

Giving Books

I gave my books to my juniors without taking money.

Gave free healing to one who could not pay

I gave free healing to one person who was poor . she got relief in three sessions.she was about to be operated, but now does not requires it anymore…. Thank you

donated money

Gave money to keep help a person who runs a site that supports light workers to meet her bills. Also give hugs and sincere compliments to people who need it whenever I get the opportunity.

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