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Linda | Louisville, KY

I did a healing on a friend in need.

Anna | USA

I bought the person behind me at the grocery stores items.

Becky | USA

I went to the store for someone who was unable to go during the Covid19 quarantine.

Susanna | Italia

Mi sono resa disponibile a fare la spesa e a far fronte ad ogni necessita' della mia vicina di casa over 80 visto che con il coronavirus gli anziani non possono uscire

Sam | USA

Today I bought gift cards to donate to a school fundraiser.

Jill | Baltimore, MD

I gave a Theta Healing session to a young mother.

Kerstin | Berlin

ich habe wegen der extremen Hitze den Nussbaum auf dem Hof und den Baum vor der Haustür gegossen, das werde ich während der Trockenheit jeden Abend so beibehalten und das Wasser runter tragen außerdem verschenke ich gerade viele Dinge die ich nicht benötige, damit sich andere daran erfreuen können. Kleidung, Geschirr, Deko etc.

Daisy Gonzalez | Miami fl

I volunteered in a kitchen helping feed the homeless in a shelter.

Mandi | Brisbane

I gave an acquaintance who is barely scraping by some money to help with her bills

Trish Butterfield | Australia

I give free healings to many who are struggling and I help the children I work with when they are sad and in need of unconditional love. I also help my work colleagues with some situations. I do give a lot to humanity. Thankyou. Blessings and love. Trish