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Good Deeds

Money to Money to children’s autism treatment center

I sent a payment of 88 dollars to “Sunny world” – children’s autism treatment center in Moscow. Thank you.

Good deed

Gave hot meal and fruit to a woman by side of road. She was in a wheel chair. Begging for
Money. I help often.

Sleeping bags

Bought a homeless man a sleeping bag to keep warm. Then decided to always keep one or two in the trunk to keep giving out…we are so blessed

Donating and Helping a Friend

A friend of mine was packing to move to Cali and the movers forgot an entire kitchen cabinet of nonperishables. My friend being exhausted and with no time to donate them, I retrieved them from her and brought her dinner (last meal in her apartment). I dropped off the items at a local women’s shelter the next day along with a bag I had of extra cleaning supplies I’ve been trying to get rid of. They were very grateful.

Money to stranger

I provided a $5 bill to a young person in the library. I provided a dollar here, two dollars here, to persons distressed and in need.

Beverages to a friend

I provided coffee, and soft drinks to a person on a limited income these food items to bless him.


I bought the lady from the bakery a bouquet of beautiful flowers. She was surprised and happy!

Giving Books

I gave my books to my juniors without taking money.

Gave free healing to one who could not pay

I gave free healing to one person who was poor . she got relief in three sessions.she was about to be operated, but now does not requires it anymore…. Thank you

donated money

Gave money to keep help a person who runs a site that supports light workers to meet her bills. Also give hugs and sincere compliments to people who need it whenever I get the opportunity.

Cleaning the forest

I was collecting the litter from the forest from I used to go for jogging.

Good Deed

I baked two Blackberry pies for a Church group Picnic, picked fresh from our yard, I don’t have a job but am known for my excellent blackberry pies!

Walk for drug free community

I joined the walk for a drug free community on Tuesday, July 19, 2016. We walk by all of the homes who are know to sell drugs. Peaceful walk!

Denture Cream

Purchased for a homeless man in line at the drug store in Dallas.


I bought lunch for a homeless man who was hungry. He was shocked and said God bless you.

Theta Healing Session

I am working with this primary school teacher for some sessions now. Most of the children in class are suffering from domestic violence in
psychological level. I voluntarily help the kids with theta healing.

Gift Card

I gave a gift card to Trader Joes, to a homeless man so he could by a meal.


I went out of my way to drive a young lady who was struggeling. In our conversations Creator came in. The younger girl decided she was going to sober up, wake up and find her calling.

Giving Money

I gave money to a homeless man and bought him some food and clothes, even though I lost my job and am living with family.

Helped my neighbour with her laundry

Since my neighbour is goung through a tough time I finished her laundry and cleaned the washing room.

Transportation provided

I provided transportation to a lady that I had just met who did not have a car.

Crisis at Christmas

I offered ThetaHealing sessions to homeless people in London on Xmas Eve and Day. I feel very blessed. I hope their situations improve

Music for the Elderly

We are playing music for the elderly who cannot remember.

Cookies Given To Mailman

Today, when the mailman came with today’s mail, I offered him cookies fresh from the oven. They were my own original recipe and he was quite surprised and happy!

Help aninals.

Today i give some food to poor cat. Tomorrow i will feed more cats.

Busy Bees

The drought conditions have made it hard on animails around here, including the hardworking bees. Rather than allowing them to continually risk their little lives at the dog’s water bowl, the kids and I devised a special watering hole by piling large rocks in a water pan for them. And all the gardens’ fruits and vegetables receive pollination.

Love Thy Neighbor

My neighbor broke her foot. Husband travels regularly so she alone at these times. I made her dinner and had the kids bring it over. Everybody had such a good time of it, we’re going to do it again!

Helping those in distress

I help many people, friends or others I hear about with Theta healing & Reiki free of charge. The other day I heard of someone who sent healing to my son when he was seriously unwell – I don’t even know her but I felt a deep gratitude. It is true, as you give so you receive. Creator has also shown me how to help many people in all different situations and the healings are always very beautiful. I feel very blessed to have discovered Theta Healing and to be part of such a loving community.

Oh, Broke Down

There was a older gentleman who’s car died at the stop light just as he passed through it. So a few of us parked off to the side and helped him push it to a safe place inside the bank parking lot. We allowed him to us our phone to get the proper help he needed. what a great way to start the morning.

A cold drink to a overworked security guard

Delhi is unbearably hot this time of the year. I gave a bottle of coke to a security guard working 12 hours guarding the gateway in the heat.

Reiki healing

I am sending free Reiki healing to my friends in order to. Plus, I translate letters between English and Japanese as volunteer for foster children and parants.

Sending Unconditional love to each other

Guiding a communal circle of sending love to each other and the earth every few days

Give any knowledge you have to others!!!!

I am an English teacher and i give private lessons in English for free to children who cannot afford to have those because of the economic crisis here in my country right now…

Help people and animals in need

During the whole year I gather clothes from people that they don’t need them anymore and send or give them personally to shelters with women and families in need. Also I help stray animals and shelters with animals by giving food and care.

Extra Movie Ticket

For some reason I bought an extra ticket to see the new Cinderella, so I gave it to a mom in line who was taking 4 little girls. It was a great movie and made me feel great giving the ticket away instead of asking for a refund.


making meals for newborn moms

Making good for new mommys

helping young mother

i was helping a young mother to park her car, she was eith a new born baby and could’nt hendel the car.

Party with elderly Ladies

I did a party with food to 80 elderly ladies

For the Doc.

I reached out to many healers around the globe for love and healing for a local doctor, Dr. Keller D.O.


I gave a family the words to use to describe a loved one in an obituary.

Saving animals

I gave money to rescue cats and dogs in China and Romania. Eva

Помочь старой женщине

Это простое, доброе дело, которое вчера я не смогла не сделать.В супермаркете я увидела старую щеньщину, которая боясь инфляции и повышения цен на продукты купила большой объём разных продуктов.Она была на костыле и с тростью.Я не смогла пройти мимо, предложила ей помочь доставить её сумки до её дома.Она была мне благодарна, даже заплакала……

Baby Milk donation

I donated baby milk to my church for those in need.

Gave money to sick lady living in her car

My area has a program for people to be able to park their car at night so sleep if they are homeless. This lady approached me with Oxygen tubes up her nose saying she needed money for food. I gave her money and hoped that she would have shelter soon. She said that her boyfriend just got a job in S. California and that by the following Wednesday, she’d have a place to go. I was really happy with her.

Helping homeless people

I assisted a homeless man to find home shelter.

Sending Healing Love & Light

For many years I’ve done what my Grandmother has always done. Wherever I see people in any sort of (distress); whether it be homeless, or just needing money or even just looking sad. If I don’t have the physical opportunity to talk to them or help them, I always send out prayers and I’m also known to go up to a stranger that looks in need and tell them “That Jesus Loves You” It’s not something I tell people about, but I put it here. Please pray that I can put my fear aside and follow through with taking the Theta Healing classes I need to really help myself and others in the Best way I know how. Amen!! Monica Restuccia

Helping the Hungry

I donated canned goods to the local food bank

Help for an old lady

There is an old lady living near my place. She has a hard time walking. During the last two months I’ve helped her a lot of times by driving her to some institutions and I filling in documents for her, concerning financial aids from the government. The aids are about her rent and the heating in her apartment but in order to receive them she had to fill all the documents and to go to many institutions which she couldn’t do by herself. Now her apartment is warm and heated and all her bills are payed.
During the last few years I’ve also helped her several times by delivering her some food aids that she had the rights to claim but had a hard time taking by herself because the office was far from her home and the goods were very heavy.

Extra Veggies

Our local community farm had extra carrots and broccoli. I took 3 boxes and will distribute them to the elderly who live in the mobile park here.

birthday present

I won tickets to the new hunger games part 1 it was the advanced showing with VIP wristbands and a dinner. I was so excited but I knew my dad wanted to go so I gave him the tickets for his birthday he took my mom and it made their day

Fun for all

The other day I had extra vip tickets to a baseball game and I decided to give them to a friend of mine that’s a single mom with two little boys. They loved the game! They had fun and so did I 🙂

Tis the Season

Today while I was using the self check out at the grocery store, there was a lady in the aisle of who had just finished with her little boy and they were getting ready to leave. The bagger said ma’am did you want these and held up a bag of goldfish they forgot to ring up. Her little boy said mom my gold fish. The cashier was already ringing up a new customer and she said yes I have some cash hold on and was going to get in line again. I walked over and said I will buy them. She looked at me in shock and said I didn’t have to and I told her know I wanted to. No need for her to stand in line again and it was just something small for her little one. She said thank you and was able to leave. It felt really good.

Helping Others

Last night I saw a lady walking carrying groceries. It was super cold last night and I heard this little voice say offer them a ride. So I did. They didn’t live far from the store, but they were so grateful and my heart was filled with joy to help her. -Brandy-

Recent prayer requests

Kira Kamalova, Kazan- Russia

Would you please pray with me for my husband’s health, his name is Vasil and he’s healing from cancer now. Blessings for you all

Lilian, – Serbia

Please, send me a lot of unconditional Love. Thank you very much.

Татьяна, Северодвинск- Россия

Please pray for Elena’s health. She is in intensive care in a serious condition, the apparatus breathes for her, in her stomach, the temperature is constantly high. A home child who is 3 months old.

jairo aldana bedoya, cali- colombia

por favor,oren para que se restablesca mi salud.
me diasnoticaron leucemia gracias

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